Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I got to feeling a little nostalgic and decided to Google my first entrepreneurial adventure WillowBead. I found an old customer of mine in the UK still has some of the product line. Jillybeans Scrapyard. God they used to buy box loads. I remember carefully packaging every single product myself. And this old customer, wow, she has bead vials, even I don't have any of those left. My Paper Moon. There are still a few sites that link to WillowBead.com. Expression Magazine, Scrapbooks Etc. Links to no where! That's all I could find though for a line that peaked eight years ago. Lots has changed since then. Craft Diner Inc. was born and Bead Diner too. Bead Diner had it's own little success, getting printed up in the book Stitch n Bitch as a supply source, but that was about it. Craft Diner Inc., my wholesale distribution company is what really made a dent.
To be continued...

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